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Try the cakes! Cakes fondant photo on the anniversary. Sweet, gentle, airy whipped cream, in combination with a thin puff pastry studded with nuts, poppy seeds and slices of cherry cake melts in your mouth. This is insanely tasty! Want, want still and still? Wedding cake cream. Yay, yay, yay! — What kind of cake? What is it called? Want a "Smokovych" for a birthday, wedding, anniversary, or whatever, just want the holiday and this cake! - Sweet tooth rejoice, cakes to order! Today can be all! We try everything we want! Cake "Pancho" wonderful whipped cream with chocolate glaze, chocolate cake with walnut and cherry. Cake "Troll" just the trial, the combination of the wonderful custard profiteroles with cream and chocolate sponge cake and milk chocolate frosting. To order a cake for the birth of a child. Cake a quick and tasty recipe. And cake "Amadeus" - a delicate pudding made with fresh banana combined with chocolate butter cream and chocolate icing, liqueur "Baileys" with almonds. We're tasting cakes, very tasty, enjoy!

Cakes to order

Fresh, sweet, delicious, delicate cakes to cook is a pleasure for lovers of delicious sweets. Cake on the anniversary of 65 years. The composition of each cake is unique. The main secret of the success of the cake to the products from which it is prepared, perfectly in harmony with each other. Wedding cake cream. Tiramisu, for example, a gourmet dessert made with creamy mascarpone — cheese delicate. It can be based on sponge cake with an open top is dusted with cocoa or wrapped in a biscuit and covered in powdered sugar. This is a great cake for an anniversary. Cake "Fairy tale" is filled with dried apricots and poppy seeds, chocolate cubes and nuts, prunes combined with sour cream packaged in a biscuit. Extremely delicious cake! "Cherry" cake-cakes from milled cherry with the addition of sour cream, rich, fragrant taste of sophistication. To order a cake for a year. Cakes are not expensive for a Wedding, birthday, Anniversary. by the Way, an interesting fact! The most exclusive large dessert was created For the birthday of Gum, the capital's Department store, weighing 3 tons, and a height of 3 meters. Decorated the cake with marzipan and apricot jam. To order a cake for a year. If you wish, can order a cake in a similar design.

The composition of cakes

About ordering a cake, let's go for more details. Order a cake for an Anniversary, Wedding, birthday or just for a holiday — you need at least a week. Baby cakes. And that one of the guests not to offend, and everyone got a piece of cake.Calculate how many guests will be at the festival. Multiply the number of guests by 0.2 (200 grams per 1 person) get the minimum weight of the cake in kilograms. Cakes are different: very 10-15 people, medium to large 15-100 invited 100 people and more. Where wedding cake. To order a cake minimum weight 2 kilos it will be single-stage and multistage 3 pounds. The composition of the cake can be changed at your request, fruit to choose from. Decorations for cake: mastic flowers, wedding items, or baby figures, inscriptions on the choice are determined in advance.

The cost of the cake

No matter if it is big or small cakes, the prices can be the same. The price of the cake affects the complexity of the design and slightly ingredients. Wedding cake - its parts and the appearance, colors are specified when ordering. The cost of the product is calculated, and paid 50% of the amount. The inscription on the cake happy birthday. The rest of the amount will be charged upon delivery of the cake. Cake custom birthday inexpensive. Cake to order will be brought to the house for the holiday. Cake delivery on the day of manufacture. Buy a cake for the holiday at a discount or promotion, they are provided daily to buyers. The Interesting fact! «Diamonds. Miracle of nature " cake is the most precious, cooked in Tokyo. The cake was decorated with diamonds. So the decoration of the diamond 233. The price of one million fifty-six thousand dollars, and it took almost a month to prepare it. Here is such here is exclusive cake.

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How to order a cake?

In order to order a cake you need to make a request online. Wedding cake style. To choose the right amount of desserts to include your contact details, fill in the feedback form. In automatic mode, according to the specified algorithm, the site will calculate the size of your discount and show the final price. Polite cookery specialist will call you on the phone to confirm the order. Figures on to buy a cake. Fast courier will deliver the cake at the appointed time. Bon appetit!

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